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Nancy Thornton Small Projects Division


Big Experience for Small Projects

No Commercial Project is Too Small

Our new Small Projects Division brings the big expertise and resources of Chambers Construction to work for owners and clients with small commercial and industrial projects.

Nancy Thornton, a project manager with big experience leads the Small Projects Division team.

“I love the construction process,” Nancy says. “Every project is different and brings new challenges. I enjoy navigating those challenges alongside clients.”

Nancy starts the project by meeting onsite to understand the client’s needs. She wants to see and hear first hand how a client envisions their unique project. By serving as a thoughtful and considerate partner early, Nancy can create an intentional construction process for the job with clear guidelines and expectations.

Once the project’s scope is clear, Nancy sees it to completion – from working with sub-contractors to managing the daily schedule, being proactive and advocating for clients and owners all along the way.

“I always want to give owners the best info to make decisions,” she adds. “Whether the owner comes to us with a clear vision or needs help figuring out what’s possible, I’m here to help.”

Do you have a project that might be a fit for our Small Projects Division? Give Nancy a call! 541-743-8650.

Nancy has been in the construction industry for 20 years. She’s married and has two kids. She and her husband are avid Duck fans, they enjoy camping, hiking and all things outdoors.

  • February 26, 2018