APEL Extrusions

APEL Extrusions

APEL Extrusions Limited

Manufacturing renovations and sales office updates

Extensive modifications to the production area to accommodate the 3,000 metric ton press operation that super-heats and extrudes aluminum profiles. Six foot deep raft foundations were built to support the weight of the machinery. Custom sales offices were added and feature full-height glass partitions supported by aluminum alloys extruded by APEL. Additional work required to support the new operations were an increase of electrical service and cooling capabilities within the building.

Project Details


APEL Extrusions Limited


PIVOT Architecture and McGee Engineering


Coburg, OR

Square Feet


Project Type

"Building what’s important in peoples' lives."

Dave Bakke President, Chambers Construction Co.


Photograph of dyes used for extrusions

Optimized Layouts

Dyes built to accommodate the force pressed for each custom extrusion and machine layouts processing aluminum alloys at 900 °F.


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