About Chambers Construction

Our Team

The right team is critical to the success of your project. Our staff ranks among the most experienced in the Pacific Northwest. From high-rise office buildings to industrial parks to care facilities — Chambers Construction has built almost every type of facility on time and on budget for more than half a century. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

David Hilles

David Hilles • CEO

| 541-687-9445

As the principal for Chambers Construction, David serves as the Project Executive and assists the project management team with all projects. David has directed construction of over $900 million in contract work, remodels, renovations, and additions in industrial, retail, commercial, healthcare, educational, and government sectors. Under David's direction and leadership, 85% of Chambers Construction's annual volume has been with repeat clients. David was appointed President in 1986 and has been with Chambers Construction since 1972.

Dave Bakke, CSI – CCCA & CDT

Dave Bakke, CSI – CCCA & CDT • President

| 541-868-8520

Dave is the President and Chief Operations Officer. In addition, he is the Director of Field Operations and a Senior Project Manager, Dave is actively involved in the development of project management methods and resource assignments ensuring successful project delivery to Chambers clients. Dave ensures that the client and subcontractors are satisfied at the completion of every project. He holds professional credentials through the Construction Specifications Institute, the Design Build Institute of America, and Fails Management Institute. Dave has been in the construction industry since 1980 and joined Chambers Construction in 1992.

Debi Creager, CCIFP

Debi Creager, CCIFP • Vice President / CFO

| 541-868-8510

As the Controller for Chambers Construction, Debi oversees the accounting, finance, contract administration, and risk management functions of the company. She partners with our project management teams in order to provide accurate and continuous snapshots of the financial health of each project and help guide the submission of timely cost reconciliations, subcontractor payments, and all contractually required legal documentation during the course of each project. Debi has worked in the construction industry since 1981 and has been with Chambers Construction since 1999.

Brian Erickson, LEED AP

Brian Erickson, LEED AP • Vice President of Business Development

| 541-868-8509

Brian is adept at developing and administering the project management plan and has a firm understanding of the development and administration of budgets, schedules, and construction quality control. He focuses on making sure that construction is progressing according to schedule, while working closely with construction personnel. Brian has been in the construction industry since 1981 and with Chambers Construction since 1997.

Pat Duerr

Pat Duerr • Vice President

| 541-868-8508

Pat has over 32 years of construction management experience, with an extensive background in large scale institutional work. His management skills have led to the successful completion of countless projects. Pat has mastered implementation of the overall project management plan. As a project manager, he leads the projects and works directly with everyone involved to ensure that the project management plan is carried out to meet both time and specification. Pat has worked in the construction industry since 1976 and has been with Chambers Construction since 1990.

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson • Chief Estimator

| 541-868-8519

Brian has 20 years estimating experience with area general contractors and joined our team in early 2014. Brian guides our estimating team throughout preliminary cost input into the phasing plans, subsequent phases pricing updates, sustainability, lean techniques and constructability options. He creates bid packages for all subcontractors; soliciting the best labor and sub-contractor value for Chambers Construction projects.

Dave Hoffman

Dave Hoffman • Senior Project Manager

| 541-868-8507

Dave runs the Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Building Division for Chambers Construction. As a project manager, Dave provides oversight and support for the project, ensures that key milestones are met, and realizes the project objectives. Dave is adept at developing and administering the Project Management Plan for all projects that he oversees. Dave has been in the construction industry since 1973 and joined Chambers Construction in 1986.

Frank Travis

Frank Travis • Project Manager

| 541-868-8569

Frank's tenure at Chambers has seen him with roles as a Project Superintendent, Project Estimator, and Project Manager. His well rounded skill set makes him experienced managing the entire construction process. Frank has been in the construction industry since 1988 and with the Chambers Construction team since 2002.

Chris Boyum

Chris Boyum • Project Manager

| 541-868-8583

Chris studied at OSU and earned a B.S. in Construction Engineering Management. While earning his degree he interned with Chambers during his summer breaks. After graduating from OSU, Chris was hired as a Project Engineer and worked with some of our most skilled superintendents. He was quickly advanced to Project Manager and is very successful in managing any type of construction process. Chris has been with our team since 2004.

Brent Shjerve

Brent Shjerve • Estimator

| 541-868-8502

Brent is familiar with all phases of project management, estimating, and the Construction Manager / General Contractor — Guaranteed Maximum Price procurement process. During pre-construction, Brent works closely with the project management team to conduct value engineering studies and develop pre-qualifications and bid packages that allow for the most competitive bidding results. During the construction phase, Brent supports the project management team by providing on-going constructability review throughout the construction phase. Brent has been a member of the Chambers Construction estimating team since 1998.

John Wright

John Wright • Project Manager

| 541-868-8555

John joined our team in January 2012.

Scot Moore

Scot Moore • Safety Officer

| 541-687-9445

As Chambers Construction's safety officer, Scot is is involved with every project. During the pre-construction phase, he reviews the developing development documents and looks for methods and means to enhance project safety. During construction, Scot assists the project management team in developing project-specific safety plans for subcontractors. Scot frequently visits job sites to provide whatever support the project managers, superintendents, or subcontractors need. Scot has been with Chambers Construction since 2000.