Seismic Renovations & Upgrades

With a deep understanding of the seismic demands on structures and our recent experience with performing seismic renovations and upgrades on occupied buildings in Oregon, our project managers can help you assess if your building would benefit from seismic and structural improvements, as well as systems or architectural finish renovations.

Seismic Renovations & Upgrades

System Upgrades

For older buildings, with each iteration of construction, renovations may have taken place that results in compromised mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Our Project Managers and Estimators will review your building systems to see if there is an opportunity for upgrades that produce cost savings.

The building contains a substantial amount of unreinforced masonry, making it very susceptible to partial or complete collapse in an earthquake, according to a 2008 renovation study. The renovation project includes seismic structural upgrades, retrofitting of HVAC systems, elevator installation, and classroom improvements. Significant demolition will take place.

Seismic Renovations & Upgrades Projects